Friday, September 17, 2004

LifeNet coming soon

We're getting closer to our release of LifeNet, a commonsense reasoning system that uses a 1.5 slice DBN-like probabilistic model (it's actually a pairwise Markov random field.) This isn't the best way to represent commonsense knowledge, but I suspect it's not a bad substrate on top of which to layer other techniques, plus we have a number of ideas about how to rapidly grow this model.

Marvin Minsky once drew the following diagram as a way to think about how to relate the various representations discussed in The Society of Mind. LifeNet was originally intended to represent knowledge at the Transframe level, and it does indeed have some of the properties of the knowledge at that level. But it is probably a better fit to the Microneme level, with the extension that LifeNet associates propositions across time slices as well as within time slices.


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